Thursday, August 25, 2011

School has STARTED!

We have been very busy this week.  We started school on Monday and have pretty much been on the go every since. 

We also signed up with a charter school, South Sutter, this year.  We are very happy with our choice.  Once I look at all the vendors who provide a service, the kids will be able to take music lessons as well as a physical activity of their choice.  My days might just become non-existant in the near future. 

In order to stay somewhat organized and have a clean house, we have made ourselves a chore chart...
so far, so good.  This is posted in the hall, so it's the very first thing you see as we all walk out of our bedrooms. 

This is our timeline that we made for history this year.  The kids are having a blast coloring and adding new figures and pictures to it.  We are using Mystery of History this year.  We are starting off in Vol 1 -- Creation to the Resurrection.

I will be posting more this weekend, once I am able to breath and recap about this week.

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